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Yes, with some help YOU can TRANSFORM your voice!
Even if you were told "You can't sing"
Everybody has a voice but only a few learn how to use it properly!

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My Name Is Cathy Vard

I Can Help You To Become Proud
Of Your Voice...

I’m a triple platinum awarded recording artist and vocal coach with over 35 years of experience.
I've made countless TV/radio appearances, toured the world as a soloist and in a group (The Vard Sisters)

I started losing my voice...

The doctors had no idea what it was...
They could not tell me why or how long it would last... 
All I knew is... Just like that... (snap)... 
I could not do what I loved the most...
When I thought I had reached the top of my singing career...
I faced my worst nightmare...  After years of singing professionally... after many published albums...

And here's why I know I can help you...

I was both angry and afraid...

But I wasn’t ready to give up!
So I went on a crusade to find solutions. I invested thousands of dollars on books, lessons, courses, doctors and specialists in singing techniques like the “Alexander technique” but no one thing solved my problem.
It took me over a year but I finally found the solutions by combining the best of what I learned with my own new methods. 
My newly developed singing regime of different methods, understandings and exercises helped me to transform my voice!
Now I want to share the secrets I've learned with you in my Platinum Singing course.

If You Love Singing...
This Program Can Transform Your Voice

Who is this program for?

The Shower Singer

You love singing but nobody knows about it

The Karaoke Singer

You want to expand your range and reach higher notes

The Strained Voice

You’re forcing your voice, you get sore/hoarse and need help

The Scared Singer

Performance anxiety or stage fright is taking a toll on you

The Almost Pro

You dream about going pro and recording your own songs

The Silenced Voice

You lost your voice and have to get it back - No matter what

The Clueless Singer

You just want to sing along without feeling embarrased 

The Master Singer

You want to unlock the full potential of your voice

Master Your Voice

The Technical Singer

You want new techniques and strategies to improve 

Your Body Is Your Instrument.

You've been using it for years and with a little help you can make it sound great! 
And who better than a triple platinum awarded recording artist who completely lost her voice and got it back using what she teaches...

Today Cathy is using her 35+ years of experience to help amateur singers to sound great and also giving experienced singers, including professionals, a unique edge. 

Cathy has refined her methods and turned them into a fail-proof program you can get today. 

This is not a traditional singing program.
This is not just a collection of exercises. You won’t have to rehearse for years to see results. 

What is it then?

This is the shortcut to mastering your voice.

You’ll learn how to truly understand your instrument and gain total control of your voice.
Some of Cathy’s students couldn’t hold a tune at all. Now they love to sing! 
Other students of Cathy's have reached their dreams of getting signed by a record label.

This is a step-by-step process that will help you to understand your voice in ways you will have never thought of.
You will not just learn to sing. Instead, you’ll learn to unleash the power of your voice by becoming  completely aware of it.

Awareness leads to control. 
Control leads to mastery.


What You Will Learn

Sing Without Strain

Most singers, even pro's sing with strain.
Learn how to stop!

Unleash Your Power

How to boost your vocal powers and improve range.

Master Your Voice

Understand how your voice really works...
This alone is worth the whole
program “A Game Changer”

Deal With Stage Fright 

Learn my #1 secret to deal with performance anxiety (stage fright) and turn it into confidence.

Get In “The Zone”

Let the best version of yourself do the singing...
HINT: Start breathing this way

Emotional Advantage

Turn emotions into your super-power that will help you to send chills down the spines of your audience.

All you need to do is watch Cathy’s videos and follow along. 
This step-by-step program will show you everything you need to know. 
You’ll discover the very same principles Cathy used to recover and transform her voice. These principles are the key to unlocking your voice.
Use Cathys process, get rid of your bad habits and you’ll be amazed at the results.
This program has provided great results to thousands of students worldwide. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or professional.

Over 20 Training Videos and Vocal Exercises

Key Areas Addressed in this program…

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Full Body Singing

Learn how to truly understand your instrument (your voice) so that you can maximize its effectiveness.

Sing Effectively

How to reach higher notes, project your voice further, louder AND... without forcing your voice!

The Power Of Emotions

How to channel your emotions so people get goosebumps when they hear you sing.

Tricks Nobody Teaches

A specific way of breathing that helps your body to feel at ease when singing. 
You’ll also learn about the specific anatomy of singing. This is so powerful and it played a part in helping Cathy to get her voice back!

Carefully Designed Exercises

Most amateurs struggle with singing in tune. Learns Cathy's tried and tested method for singing in tune. It's so simple it will amaze you.

Stop Singing Out Of Tune

Follow Cathy with her specially created video guided vocal exercises and practice anywhere with her downloadable MP3 vocal exercises. Also including notation for instrumentalists.

And Much More!

"Cathy’s love of singing and teaching shows through in every lesson!"

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